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HOPE’s equine friends are obviously central to our program. Horses have the ability to positively affect the lives of so many people. Horses are large and powerful, but can feel what we feel, understand us, and willingly participate in our pleasures. It seems miraculous how horses respond to people with such gentleness and dependability. They interact with each rider differently as the rider communicates his or her requirements to the horse, and they are able to adapt their behavior to the particular rider and situation. HOPE horses are truly special. Hope also has the privilege of having many volunteer horses that come and help out with our special riders. We would like to extend a special “Thank You” to the volunteer horse owners.

Bandit   BANDIT

Registered Name: Jesse’s Bayou Bandit
Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Born: June 5, 1995
Color: Chocolate with flaxen mane & tail
Donated: August 30, 2004
Donated By: Kim Olsen of Freeland, Washington
Sponsored By: Bandit needs a sponsor!

Bandit has a very special movement different from the other HOPE horses. He is “gaited”. While most horses move their legs diagonally, Bandit moves both legs on the same side of my body at the same time! Some riders say riding Bandit is like riding in a boat, you rock side to side instead of back and forth.

When Bandit is not in lessons at HOPE he enjoys taking people out for a trail ride. We have to give Bandit something to do he when he is at lessons or at home. If Bandit gets bored sometimes his curiosity will get the best of him.

Dusty   DUSTY

Registered Name: Dusty
Breed: AQHA / PHBA
Born: 1998
Color: Dunalino
Donated: August, 2011
Donated By: Kathleen Arnold
Sponsored by: John & Colleen McIntyre

Dusty is the newest addition to HOPE. Before coming to HOPE Dusty enjoyed taking people out for a trail ride. This blonde beauty has caught the eyes everyone here at HOPE. His gentle nature makes him perfect for riding in the arena or going out and enjoying the scenery on a trail ride. Dusty is short but very broad which makes him an ideal mount for a variety of riders. We look forward to having Dusty as a part of HOPE for years to come.

Ike   IKE

Registered Name: KB Ibn Kuwaza
Breed: Arabian
Born: May 3, 1992
Color: Bay with a star, strip, snip and one white sock
Donated: October 26, 2005
Donated By: Leanne Hill of Clinton, Washington
Sponsored By: Marta Berry of Clinton, Washington

Ike is proud to be an Arabian and shows off his grace, athleticism and beauty at every chance. He loves being brushed and showered with praises!

Ike is a wonderful therapy horse and was chosen as HOPE’s 2009 Horse of the Year. He picks his feet up well for students and stands quietly when needed. He is the perfect horse to learn how to post the trot. He has a bouncy stride, which makes it easy for riders to learn how to post. His slender build is helpful for those who need a narrower horse, but he is also very sturdy and can carry the heavier riders. With his gentle nature and dressage training, Ike can confidently teach riders all of the basic horsemanship skills and have fun at the same time. What a good boy!

Ike’s sponsor Amanda gamed him for several years and they won lots of prizes. They even competed in the National gaming competition in Montana in 2010 and won the year end prize in their age group for the local gaming club. But Ike does not move too fast at HOPE. He knows that his HOPE riders are not quite ready for that much speed, so he teaches them how to use their aids (legs, seat, voice, and hands).

Sailor   SAILOR

Registered Name: Sea Cloud Sailor
Breed: American Morgan Horse
Born: February 2, 1988
Color: Chestnut with star, stripe and snip
Donated: April, 2007
Donated By: Greg & Doreen Lucas of Coupeville
Sponsored by: Sailor needs a sponsor!

As a youngster, Sea Cloud Sailor was quite the showman. From 1988-1990, he created a name for himself in the American Morgan Horse show world, where his many Futurity titles were very impressive. After growing up, Sailor did dressage, jumping, some cross country and has been trail ridden all over the Pacific Northwest.

Sailor is the big boy of the program and is a great horse for learning to post the trot. He has lots of affection and knowledge to give to each of his riders, will look in your pockets for treats and would climb into your lap if he could.
He also loves to scratch his face on people so his students learn to show him that such conduct is not polite.

Sailor is a very intelligent horse and needs riders and volunteers to challenge him to do his best, but he is really a “people” horse and gives them lots of love. We look forward to Sailor enjoying many years of service with HOPE and teaching many students how to ride and discover their abilities.

Baby   BABY

Registered Name: Ima Taffy Too
Breed: Arabian and Quarter Horse
Born:March 26, 1986
Color: Buckskin
Owned By: Tricia Webb of Langley

My full name is Ima Taffy Too but everyone calls me Baby. I am an especially beautiful buckskin color with a blaze on my sweet face and a white nose. I have lived with Tricia Webb and her parents Pat and Seth since I was born. Pat was one of the original founders of HOPE. She is enjoying a well-deserved retirement and now Tricia is on the HOPE Board.

I am a wonderful and amazingly patient therapy horse but am beginning to get a little arthritic so I am currently working in sessions where the students are not yet doing a lot of trotting. The students I have carried the past year have learned a lot from me, including the boy who was at first very frightened to get on me. But I just stood patiently at the mounting ramp and did not move a muscle until he was ready to get on. Once he was on my back, he wanted to stay there forever!

I am a very good horse for students to learn a lot because I will not give the students or volunteers anything they do not ask for. I will wander around the arena if the students and volunteers are not focused! I am especially great for new riders who are scared to get on because I will stand at the mounting ramp all day if needed. I also like to make funny faces but don't let me intimidate you because I am "all face and no action"!

I do love working with HOPE students and hope that I can continue making a difference in their lives for a long time.

Fancy   FANCY

Registered Name: Fancy Gunn
Breed: Paint and Pinto
Age: 14
Color: Brown and white
Owned by: Abbey Strout of Seattle

I am new to the therapeutic riding world but am already hinting at what a star therapy horse I can become.  I really like to challenge my HOPE students, especially by pretending to be very lazy.  My attitude actually helps riders a lot because they learn skills to get me to listen and then they feel so good about themselves when I do start listening and doing what they ask me to do.  I am also a very sturdy horse (NOT fat, just well built), so I can carry the heavier HOPE students.

I very much like to eat and look forward to the horse treats I get from my HOPE students as a reward at the end of each session.  I like those treats so much that I actually smack my lips quite a bit after I eat them!

My owner is a young lady named Abbey who competes in game shows with me.  We run very fast in game shows but, when HOPE students get on me, I immediately slow down to their level of experience.  (As I mentioned, sometimes I tend to slow down too much!)   I am very happy to be able to have fun with Abbey at shows but also help the very special students at HOPE.


Dan   Lt. DAN

Registered Name: Reves
Breed: Thoroughbred
Born: August 21, 1989
Color: Grey
Owned By: Courtney Surfas of Clinton

Dan started volunteering as a HOPE horse during the Fall of 2011. He loves to show off his fancy feet to our more advanced riders.

Dan began his life as a race horse. He started racing in Argentina at the age of 2 and raced in Argentina from 1991 till 1994. In 1994 he was imported to the United States where he continued racing till he was 8 years old. During his career he earned $143,208! In 2008 Dan was rescued by Courtney, our office manager. He came into her care in very poor condition. Once Dan had been rehabilitated from his malnourished condition he was used in a lesson program for children in Southern California.  Dan currently lives with Courtney and a couple other horse buddies at her Whidbey Island home.


Jewel   JEWEL

Registered Name: Golden Par Te Girl
Breed: Quarter Horse
Born: March 29, 1985
Color: Buckskin
Owned By: Amy Franz of Freeland

Jewel started as a HOPE volunteer horse Winter of 2011 and was nominated HOPE horse of the year in 2011. Jewel is an excellent stead for all levels of riders. We look forward to Jewel teaching our riders for many years to come.

Amy acquired Jewel 2 years ago. She was owned by the previous owners for a long time. During that time she taught two 4-yr. old girls to ride and was their main horse until they were ready to move on to spunkier horses. She comes from a family of gamers so she was a perfect starter horse for the young ones. She is now Amy’s wonderful trail horse. She is very sure-footed and I feel completely safe while riding her.

Hope Therapeutic Riding Center

Established in 1986, HOPE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is:

to empower children and adults facing special challenges – whether physical, cognitive or emotional – to discover their abilities, independent skills and explore their potential through use of our nationally accredited safe and effective equine-assisted activities and therapy.”

HOPE provides a positive, safe environment allowing students to enjoy their experiences while learning a sense of self-confidence that will help shape the rest of their lives. 

“Discover Your Abilities . . . Grab the Reins of Life!”

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